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Simplified DMCA Management for Universities

NoticeFlow is a free and open-source software solution for handling DMCA complaints at universities and other organizations. No more need for an in-house solution that works only sometimes.

All-in-one solution for enterprise DMCA agents

NoticeFlow helps you handle DMCA complaints every step of the way, from receiving the notice, responding to complainants, and remediating users.

Email Ingest

Automatically pull emails from inbox and ingest into the application.

Templated Email Response

Use email templates to speed up time spent responding to complainants.

Automated Investigation

Begin automatically investigating a notice as soon as it is received by the system.

DMCA Complaint Tracking

Keep track of all of your DMCA complaints using a lightweight & team-focused interface.

Network Enable/Disable

Remove and restore the network access of users who are found to be in violation of DMCA.

Analytics & Audit Logging

View details analytics and audit logs to gain insights to how your DMCA team is performing.

Improve your DMCA workflow

Integrate NoticeFlow into your university's DMCA processes today.